Why Do You Love Silverado?

Posted by JoAnne Purcell on Wednesday, February 21st, 2018 at 1:22pm.

We have lived in the Calgary, AB community of Silverado since 2014.  We love Silverado for many reasons - Here are just a few of the reasons we love Silverado:

  • Close proximity - but not to close - to the C-train which has reduced the daily commute to down town Calgary by at least twenty minutes each way compared to other communities we have lived in.
  • On a nice evening or on the weekends we love to escape to Bragg Creek or mountain trails west on Hwy 22X. It's a short drive without fighting any city traffic and you are in the amazing Rocky Mountains. 
  • It is quiet. Guest to our homes often comment on how quiet it is here, even though it's close to all the amenities.
  • The residents of Silverado that we have met are very friendly, community focused people and we have made many new friends. 
  • Silverado has one of the most active Community Associations in the City. The Silverado Community Association runs several family and community building events throughout the year. Check out silveradoca.ca.
  • Many playgrounds, open areas for kids to play and a community skating rink that the Silverado Community Association works very hard to provide and maintain throughout the winter. 
  • Silverado has two brand new schools which opened in 2017, including Holy Child School and Ron Southern School.
  • The schools were a welcome addition for the all the young families in Silverado. Meeting other families while the kids play at the park is one of our favorite things about living in Silverado.

As members of the community,  we care about the families who live in Silverado, and maintaining value of their homes. It is our goal to maintain property values one home at a time, by making sure our neighbors understand what is happening with Silverado real estate, inventory and sales prices. Whether you are thinking of selling your home in the near future or not, we enjoy meeting fellow Silverado residents and educating them about current market conditions and the value of their homes. Your home is often one of your largest assets - if you had $500,000 invested in financial markets, you'd check on its value once in a while right? Let us provide a review of your real estate in Silverado or other Calgary communities so you know it's value too. No obligation, just professional and caring education - try our free CMA tool, or contact us directly for a closer analysis!. 

Maybe you are looking to sell your home, or tried and didn't sell. Was your home priced right and still not selling? Maybe it is not the pricing.  No, there may be absolutely nothing wrong with your home - maybe there just aren't any buyers right now. It is like searching for your soul mate. Unless you are in a position where you must sell, do you continue to reduce your price and "settle"  or do you wait for "the one" right buyer  to come along. Or, maybe a few minor touch ups would help buyers see the great space you know your home is.

If you would like information on the real estate market for the community of Silverado, other Calgary area communities or the Calgary real estate market in general, give us a call, neighbor! 

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Why You Love Silverado?

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