August 2017

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Once you have made the decision to buy a sell your home in Calgary Alberta, it is important to get your home ready to be viewed by potential buyers.    Your home is going to be competing with every other Calgary home within your price point.  Most homes are initially viewed online through a home search tool like the one on  You want to make sure the photos potential home buyers see of your home will make them want to view your home in person.

How, you ask, can you make the photos as attractive to Calgary home buyers as possible?


With less clutter, your rooms will look larger and more appealing to potential home buyers.

We want your potential home buyers to imagine it being theirs.  We want them to see

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Once you have made the decision to buy a home in Calgary Alberta, do your homework. Have some idea about where you would like to reside (neighborhood), the type of home you want to live in – like a condo, semi-detached or detached home. How many storeys do you want or need – one, two, split level? Do you need the basement developed? Is the yard important? Also, have you considered having a new home built versus a home that is all ready for you right now? Of course, no matter your preferences about the home, you’ll need to be prepared to give a down payment on the purchase. Aside from the down payment there are other costs to think about as well. We’ll cover most of the common costs to expect in today’s blog.

The biggest outlay of cash when

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Calgary Market Stats July 2017

In true Calgary fashion sales started to slow in July, and we expect the same for August. With a more normal market stabilizing, we are seeing the return of our more seasonal trends. Traditionally July and August see a slow down in sales activity as families take their vacations.  With the incredible weather we have been enjoying this summer that seems to be the case. 

Through July we seen inventory levels grow which should have an impact on prices softening. With that being said, pricing remained relatively stable through all sectors in July. The real surprise was in the North and South sectors for the Apartment style condos seen benchmark price increases month over month. Sales activity had a decrease in the lower price points this July compared

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